"The Essay" is what scares people away from applying for scholarships.

I tell my clients all the time: Don't be afraid of the essay...

The Essay or Personal Statemant is your opportunity to tell YOUR story and Who can tell your story better than you?

The essay is also a wonderful opportunity to brainstorm and outline your goals and aspirations. My first Personal Statement took me over a month to write. There was no pressure because I had started months in advance of the deadline. It may not take other people that long, but the "process" really made me think and ask myself questions like:
  • Why am I returning to college?
  • Where am I coming from? Where do I want to go?
  • Why do I want to study in this particular field?
  • What are my goals and aspiration?
Putting these things in writing is an important step. The essay is your way of introducing yourself to the scholarship committee, the college admissions department, foundations, corporations, etc... You are telling them WHY they should invest in you.

Great Tips (Hint: Example of a Header)
Follow Directions: Stay within the word count
Make it easy for the readers: Use headings and cover each subject the ask you to discuss
Save Time: Keep a copy to use and re-use for other applications
Always place you name in the header
New!! Use Nice paper. This sets your essay apart from the other 300 essays to be read.
Always say Thank you!

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