Submission Request


I am publishing my first book, “How to Submit a Winning Scholarship Application”, and I would like to include you.  If I have helped you in any way please consider submitting a quote for admission into my first book and/or website.

*Personal stories
*Understanding the scholarship process
*Where to find scholarships
*Guidance through the application process
*Answering questions or concerns
*Helpful website

Submission Instructions:
Email submissions to:  shay.mays (at) yahoo (dot) com
Subject line:  Quote
No word limit.
Please include your name.  However, if you do not want your name listed please let me know.
Deadline:  TBA

I would love to include your feedback, comments, and/or encouragement. 
Disclaimer:  Submission does not guarantee admission.  All submissions are reviewed by author, editor, and publisher for submission.  Submissions may be accepted in part or entirety.  Submission provides permission to publish.

Thank you,

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